Your employees aren't all the same, why should your benefits be?

Welcome to Gilgunn Benefit Management, an independent specialty insurance advisory company in Victoria, British Columbia.

Joseph (Joe) Gilgunn is a Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS) and fellow of the International Society of Benefit Specialists. Joe has been advising clients on employee benefits since 1989.

Gilgunn Benefit Management has earned a reputation for the quality and value of advice given to companies and individuals over the years as well as the innovative design and administration of their benefit programs. We are proud of our record of accomplishments and look forward to assisting you or your company.

Why Group Benefits?

In a competitive work environment such as we have in Canada, offering benefits can attract new employees and encourage them to stay with your company. Providing your employees with a benefit plan goes a long way in adding value to their compensation through the security it provides.

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What do you offer?

Custom and competitive group health & dental plans. We work with the major Canadian insurers (and some smaller ones) to get the best plan design fit for your employees.

We also offer planning and insurance services for business owners and employees.

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How much are benefits?

As a custom broker, we work to find the right fit of benefits and cost. Putting a sustainable plan in place, that employees and employers value, is key.

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Our Practice

Gilgunn Benefit Management has been helping businesses since 1991.

We take the guessing out of putting together a group health and dental plan. By customizing the benefits, we find the balance between cost for the employer and benefits the employees value having.

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Need other financial help?

Via our sister company, Apple a Day Financial, we offer fee-for-service financial coaching and planning with a Certified Financial Planner Professional.